Powerful in Pink (Xtreme Floral Nineteen)

Xtreme Floral 19 FAA.jpg

She’s not the brightest or strongest color in the scene, but she completely dominates with her presence. She even has a hint of shyness, a winsome coyness, as she emerges from the shadows.

And yet, even as she commands, everything’s in perfect balance. She lets the others shine, confidently using her power not to diminish, but rather to enhance the others.

Maybe she’s trying to show us what music looks like.

Really? You can listen with your eyes?

This image is from my gallery, Xtreme Florals — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail or to purchase a high quality print either framed or unframed, please go here.

I create images of ordinary scenes that show the invisible behind the visible.


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