Hot Pink Hiding (Xtreme Floral Twenty One)

Xtreme Floral 21 FAA Small

You know when you’re listening to some music and there’s that one riff or unexpected accent that just kicks the whole thing up another level? Or the little bit of spice in the recipe that takes the meal from good to scrumptious?

Maybe Hot Pink isn’t actually hiding. Maybe it’s more likely that she’s just quietly confident in her role as the catalyst that brings everything together. She knows she doesn’t have to scream and shout and be the center of attention to be a significant part of the mix.

The image works fine without her. But she snuck into the picture, and it works better with her. And she knows that.

Oddball. Weirdo. Not from around here. Doesn’t fit in.

Thank goodness.

This image is from my gallery, Xtreme Florals — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail or to purchase a high quality print either framed or unframed, please go here


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