Guardians of the Path

Guardians of the Path FAA.jpgWell who wouldn’t want these guys guarding their path? They just don’t get any happier and exuberant than this!

Anyone coming down this driveway is going to get blessed whether they know it or not. And going out, all those little orbs and bursts and electromagnetic lines of force are going to shower you with their dancing and bouncing and happy happy joy joy kinda energy!

Sure, it’s winter and the sap in the trees isn’t flowing, but the energy holding everything together is as alive and vibrant as ever. It would all just go poof! if it stopped, you know. Which it can’t.

You want some of these guys guarding your own path? Guess what. You’re surrounded.


This image is from my gallery, Gustav James — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail or to purchase a high quality print either framed or unframed, please go here.


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