Rise and Shine (Xtreme Floral 22)

Xtreme Floral 22 FAADon’t these girls look like they’re rising to the first morning rays?

Just look at them, rising out of the darkness, eager, stretching toward the light, toward the excitement of a new day to be alive. Flowers are beautiful, but they’re awfully short lived. For flowers, “seize the day” isn’t just a nice slogan, it’s a life mission, since their lives are measured in days, or weeks at most.

And yet their lives are full, presumably no less full to them than ours, or than that of a giant tortoise whose lifespan is measured in centuries rather than our own decades.

Every life can be full and rich, no matter how short, no matter what form it takes so long as it is truly:


This image is from my gallery, Xtreme Florals — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail or to purchase a high quality print either framed or unframed, please go here.


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