Tangled FAA SmallThere’s a light coat of snow outlining each branch, making visible the magnificent web of life that is a stand of trees. In another couple of months or so the branches will be nearly invisible, completely covered with an explosion of leaves soaking up sun, water, air, cleansing the atmosphere and lifting our spirits.

You know, there’s a saying: As Above, So Below. Meaning that the same pattern that governs great things governs the small as well. So does this look familiar? It’s the same pattern that forms our blood vessels, nervous systems, rivers and streams, supply chains for goods and commerce, the internet, the very movement of ideas and so much more.

What a gift the trees give us each winter, to lay bare the fundamental foundation that governs almost everything in our world. It’s great reminder that we’re built on the same set of laws that everything else is — not apart from, not better than, but very much part of one energetic Earthling family.

Yep, I said “Earthling.”

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to look at this image fairly large. Otherwise, it just looks like…. a tangle.

This image is from my gallery, Out Here in the Country — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail or to purchase a high quality print for your home of workplace, either framed or unframed, please go here


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