Morning Light

Morning Light FAA

A bright cool morning is flooding our flower friends with the promise of so many possibilities — and in their astonishing variety, the flowers are returning the favor, reaching out in their eager dance of life. They look like a bunch of kids about to be let loose for recess, don’t they?

But each day not only gives us the gift of a fresh start, in all the new paths it puts before us to explore, the day itself is also excitedly anticipating the gifts that we will bring to it. It lays itself completely wide open before us, giving itself totally to us with its new energies, its weather, its events, people, and it waits, not knowing, vulnerable, for what we will do with it. We’re not at the mercy of what the day will bring, it’s actually the other way around.

What fun to begin a new day — what gifts will it bring us? And what gifts will we bring to it?

This image is from my gallery, Xtreme Florals — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail please go here.


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