Red Earth Blue Sky

Red Earth Blue Sky FAA

Look at them — opposites that need each other. The hot red longs for the cool blue. The sky, welcoming the warmth, nourishes the earth. The Yin and the Yang. The male and the female.

But more.

The free flow of thought and ideas, not held down, floating soft and free, and the passionate yet solid, firm and grounding counterpoint.

Look at what happens when the trees, the link between the two, feather out into the sky and create something new in that roiling energy where they come together, that birth of purple which is neither yet both.

Like a synapse with dendrites tickling into a new thought, a new sensation, a creative leap.

Hey, you gotta let ‘em leap, you know.

This image is from my gallery, Out Here in the Country — check it out when you get a chance! To see a full resolution image of this digital artwork in full detail please go here.


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