Tiny Deer

Tiny Deer FAA

I’m not at all sure what kind of deer these are. But cute. definitely cute.

Which is not to minimize the magnificent beings that they are. Just because they look all cuddly (which they’re actually not!), don’t weigh in with the mass of an elephant, or command fear like the big jungle cats, does not mean they are not awesome creatures.

Hmm. A lot of negatives in that last sentence, so let me try to put it another way.

These little guys are living out their existence according to the place they have on our planet, same as all us earthlings are. And they are worthy of exactly the same degree of respect as every other magnificent and cute and cuddly (OK, some not so much) living creature. Including you. (Whoa, snuck that right in, didn’t I?)

But they’re still ridiculously cute.

Maybe like someone you met in the mirror this morning?

This image is from my gallery, Out Here in the Country — check it out when you get a chance because you’ll get to see the full resolution image in all its detail. Just go here.


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