Into the Sun

Into the Sun FAA

An old dry stream bed, a few of last autumn’s leaves still clinging to some branches, debris from the winter storms littering the ground, and early spring grasses poking through the whole mess and yet…

All it takes is a dramatic light source down low where we can’t ignore it like we can when the sun is high up in the sky, when we so often take what we see for granted as if it were just ordinary.

But then once the sun drops into our line of sight so that we have to flip the visors on our windshields down, or put up our hands to shield our eyes, everything takes on an ethereal glow like we just walked into a realm of spirit.

Which of course we have.

But there’s nothing there that wasn’t there before the light changed. So do we really want to wait until the day we walk into the light to appreciate the magic that’s right in front of us right now?

Just another one of Nature’s helpful hints hiding in ordinariness.

This image is from my gallery, Out Here in the Country — check it out when you get a chance because you’ll get to see the full resolution image in all its detail. Just go here   


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