The Moon and the Stars Below

The Moon & The Stars Below

Sometimes images present themselves that have no easy or obvious connection with our everyday reality. Is that a flame bursting out of the field into the dark sky, or is it perhaps a fiery bush of some kind? Or is it an archetypal burning bush, and if so is it speaking to us, and if it is, what is it saying?

What about those puffy clouds, and are those units of thought or intelligence or beings of some kind in the clouds and the flame (if that’s what it is), or…?

And then what are we to make of the stars and the moon underground where they surely don’t belong? Or are they a reflection of things in the sky that we can’t see?

The image is one of those jumping off points into meditation, that can help us break out of our logical left brain thinking, a leap into the unknown, where the ordinary rules don’t apply, a pathway into the numinous, a breaking of our orderly world that opens us up to…

This is one of my favorite styles to work with — it’s reminiscent of a block print, a look I really like, but it isn’t. The original is acrylic, painted with brushes with a strong graphic look. The paint is protected with a semigloss or satin protective varnish. It’s easy to gently clean with a soft cloth and water, even mild soap if necessary, just don’t scrub. I paint on paper mounted on plywood, so it’s very stable and sturdy. And it’s small (the original is 8” x 8” x 1/2”), so it’s perfect for small spaces.


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