Just watchful. Relaxed. Alert.

And ready. Definitely ready.

But it may not be what you think. This is a modern man at a 21st century powwow, thoroughly living in the now world, and at the same time standing in oneness with his ancestors.

Who also lived in their now world.

Standing as someone who refuses to be co-opted by the current madness.

Not trendy, though occasionally trending.

Knowing deeply who he is, a two legged creature among the four leggeds, the sky beings, those who fly and those who crawl or swim, the star beings, and the tall ones, those whose lives are measured in millennia, and those whose lives flash like a spark before they’re gone.

Relaxed. Alert.


This image is from my new gallery, Paintings — check it out here when you get a chance:  

If you’re interested in purchasing the original for your collection, drop me an email to see if it’s still available.


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