Orange Angel

orange-angelAngels can of course come in all colors. Especially colors we don’t have physical senses for, which works out well since we don’t see them with our physical senses.

Angels can appear without blocking out what the physical eyes are seeing, but still with a strong visual element, almost like the mind is tuning into two separate frequencies at the same time. So you can be driving, for example, and still be visually aware of the presence of angels without your driving safety being compromised.

Of course angels, being pure spirit, don’t have a literal physical appearance, but what we see somehow corresponds in some fundamental ways to their essence. When we see into spirit, what we’re seeing is more like an analogy, a metaphor that helps our human minds interface with spirit.

So here we have the Orange Angel with wings in her hair (why not?) and a calm sideways look as if she’s just become aware that we can see her.

Guess she wasn’t expecting that.

This image is from my gallery, Paintings — check it out here when you get a chance.

If you’re interested in purchasing the original for your collection, drop me an email to see if it’s still available.


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