Love Awaits

love-awaitsNot passively, but alive, like a determined weed, growing where we least expect it to thrive. Of course it’s only a weed as long as we reject it. Once we embrace it, we can see that it’s this amazing strong beautiful flower that spreads faster than dandelions on a suburban lawn.

Oh yeah, we reject it because we think we’re not worthy of it, or we think it hurt us before so it’s most likely going to hurt as again, or a thousand other reasons.


Dumb dumb dumb.

Understandable, but really… dumb.

The thing is, love doesn’t actually care about any of that. Because when we get over the dumb, it’ll still be there.


And even if we never get over the dumb, it’ll still be there. Growing in the deep waters of our soul.


You picking up on a pattern here?

This image is from my gallery, Paintings — check it out here when you get a chance: 

If you’re interested in purchasing the original for your collection, shoot me an email to see if it’s still available.


4 thoughts on “Love Awaits

  1. Interesting art work. it almost reminds me of the artist that did the artwork for the Beatles Yellow Submarine album and Peter Max. You definitely have your own style to it! Good job!


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