What’s with “Everyday Saints”?

“And Why did you change the title of the blog?

I’ve had a lot of fun as an artist over the years, made a living, but now the art — and the fun — has a larger purpose.

I’m painting Everyday Saints: portraits of ordinary people — all kinds of ordinary people, to show that every life is sacred, precious and holy. It has nothing to do with religion, although if you see my work from a religious perspective that’s cool.

I’m using visual language that has traditionally been used to signify holiness to show that every life is precious and holy and an expression of the divine.

Which is not to say that everyone behaves in a holy or divine way (I know I don’t)! My paintings are about the intrinsic value of life, not the choices we make with our lives.

There’s been too much hate, too much neglect, too much shaming and killing and bullying and pointing fingers at “them.”

“Them” is us.

All lives matter isn’t a slogan or catch phrase for me, it’s what I believe to my core.

Fifty years of painting has brought me to this point, and this is now my life mission, my chance to make a difference in this world from this point forward.

If you want to learn a little more, or join with me in this project, please go here.

Everyday Saint: Deborah

This is a dear friend, and the mother of the young woman in my last post.Deborah Final



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