Saint Chrissie

Saint Chrissie

“Do you look in the mirror and cringe?  What a disservice you do to God.  You are created in the image of the Creator.  By this we do not mean the physical likeness—we mean the very essence of The One, which is love, caring, compassion, intelligence, self-awareness.  The human form takes many shapes, sizes, and expressions, as do flowers, as do puppies, giraffes, and all of God’s creatures.  It is the human way to judge.  It is God’s way to love.  Is it any wonder you have discord and disease when so many judge instead of valuing and recognizing your innate divinity?  The mirror is a tool—an opportunity for you to see that which lies on the surface is equally as valued as what lies in the depths.”

— From Sanaya (

We’re so often told to ignore what lies on the surface, but Sanaya turns it completely around. It is precisely our variety, the richness of our diverse physical forms that should be appreciated, and celebrated as an expression of the divine.

That’s what Everyday Saints is all about. Celebrating life.

If you support my work, please use, my paid platform where you can actually put bread on the table, paint and canvas in my studio, and help me make new work. That’s what will really help.


I love to transform people into saints using their photos — wouldn’t it be fun to commission a portrait of yourself or a loved one in this style!


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