Gwenn Seemel, Artist

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I haven’t met Gwenn, we haven’t spoken on the phone or exchanged emails, and as far as I know, she is not even aware of my existence. And yet she has been a source of inspiration, encouragement to be my own quirky self, and the cause of some wonderful deep thinking.

As an artist, she has a completely unique style, one that reminds me of my dot paintings from many years ago, without being anything like them.

Well, let me explain. The inspiration behind my multi layered dot paintings was that we and all that surrounds us, and in fact everything in the universe, is all made up of these tiny vibrating, dancing packets of energy.

Gwenn’s style is made up of many layers, little marks, broad strokes, all woven into a lively colorful piece that fairly dances with energy, and more than that, with joy. Every part of the surface is filled with this glorious frenzy of life and mutually entwined with every other part of the artwork.

It’s magnificent.

But more than that, she is brutally honest about her life, her struggles, and absolutely ready to share what she thinks about everything from copyright (she’s against it) to sex (she’s for it).

So I want to encourage you to go to her website, and spend some time with her art and her vlogs (in English and French — I don’t know how she finds the time to do them and paint as much as she does!).

Lastly, I want to encourage you to jump over to her Patreon page ( and become a patron/supporter. Someone like Gwenn doesn’t come along very often, and supporting her in a tangible way would just be a good thing for the world.

That’s how we can become patrons of the arts like modern day Medicis and make a difference in today’s world.

And if you support my work, please use, my own paid platform where you can actually put bread on the table, paint and canvas in my studio, and help me make new work.

P.S. I love to transform people into saints using their photos — wouldn’t it be fun to commission a portrait of yourself or a loved one in this style… or maybe even a pet… Hmmm — animal saints, why not?


4 thoughts on “Gwenn Seemel, Artist

  1. Gwenn has helped me so much. Built confidence, given advice and shared more than any other artist I know. Her online presence has given me strength and knowledge and belief in the power of everyone’s voice. And now I find your blog through her. Love what you’re doing.


    1. Hi Joy, so sorry to be so long getting back to you! Thanks so much for the comment. Love what you’re doing with your work as well. I think what we’re doing (you, me, Gwenn) is terribly important for artists to be doing at this time.


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