Saint Maggie

Saint Maggie

18 x24″ Acrylic on canvas

The 13th century mystic Meister Eckhart wrote that “love can only be where there is equality.”

That’s how the Everyday Saints series presents people.

As we see the canvases, one after the other, all the same size, all with the stained glass iconography, we’re presented with images that affirm that equality. 

Not the same (any more than any two paintings are the same) but equal. Equally worthy of love. Equally worthy of respect. Equally worth of living and breathing.

It’s easy to agree when we see a precious child like Maggie, but of course the challenges begin as Maggie lives out her life with increasing choices and self determination: through adolescence, into adulthood and finally into old age.

Will she — can she (or you) — ever become less worthy? Or is that respect and worth and love something that follows us all from birth through death?

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Matthew Fox wrote that it’s the job of the artist “to lead us in moving through perilous times of cynicism, boredom and despair.” When you join our Everyday Saints Patreon community, you become one of the leaders so necessary to guide humanity through these times into a more hopeful future.


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