The Looking Tree: StoryStarters #1

The Looking Tree

Obviously, not an Everyday Saints portrait. I’m still doing portraits, but I got hit with an inspiration.

I’m calling these StoryStarters. These are 8″x10″ on watercolor paper, sold very inexpensively with a printed beginning of a story included. The idea being that a parent or grandparent reads the beginning of the story and takes it from there.

Improv storytelling.

Of course the kids can read it too and the story could go in a different direction every time. Plus, an inexpensive frame, put it up on the child’s wall, and you’re encouraging imagination, reading, and a love of art.

I’d love to hear any thoughts, feedback etc. I have several done, but I’m only going to post them one at a time. Enough talk. Here’s the first StoryStarter:


Did you know that trees have eyes? Indeed they do. Did you think all those leaves were just for photosynthesis?

No, my friend, those leaves are eyes for looking. Oh, they may not see the same way we do, but see they do. They look. They pay attention. And they know.

They see things we cannot see. What things? Ah, well….


8 thoughts on “The Looking Tree: StoryStarters #1

  1. What a fun idea. I am not sure that photosynthesis i the right word for that part of the story but why not include a bit of education in the story telling by adding a glossary – lol.


  2. Well, I included that word deliberately. That’s a good moment for the child to ask and the parent to explain. If the child is interested, it could lead to more exploration of biology. If not, just go on with the story. Thanks for the comment, Val!


  3. Wonderful! Spyder, you are so wonderfully created and talented. I am very proud of you!


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