The Fish That Got Away or The Curious Case of the Poached Eggs in the Meadow


Oh, so you thought the bee was the one that got away. Well, no. What if the fish ate the bee and the bee stung the fish? Not good for either of them.

So things aren’t always what they seem.

Look at the poached eggs in the meadow, for instance. What’s that? Flowers you say?

No no no no no.

But they can’t possibly be the poached eggs that they seem to be, can they now? I mean, what would poached eggs be doing in a meadow?

Well it was all because of Fannie Farmer. Fannie had a hen who laid the most spectacular delicious eggs. So Fannie had this egg-cellent idea one day…


An original signed 10″ x 8″ acrylic painting on watercolor paper with a Certificate of Authenticity and printed StoryStarter for you and your special young ‘un (or maybe just you!). Introductory price: $24.99 with free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.


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