Inside an Artist’s Head (not scary)

So somebody asked me — well OK nobody actually asked me it’s just me, but I have conversations with myself all the time, and I’m somebody so I guess somebody really did ask me. It was me.

Here’s what me asked me: Your paintings look like coloring book art. You’re not really painting, are you? You’re just filling in the outlines. The implication being that it isn’t real art. Not like Van Gogh or Monet or…

OK, fair enough.


I drew the outlines. I used actual paint to fill in the colors. I added embellishments, and I had a lot of fun playing with the colors and shapes. Mostly with paint brushes, a little with very thin paint in a pen. So I’m good with it.

So I told myself to stop asking myself stupid borderline rude questions.

You see what it’s like to be an artist? At least this artist…



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