I’m In Love!

Image result for gamblin fastmatte oil paints

Yes of course with Tekakwitha (my wife), but I’m talking about my new oil paints. I haven’t painted much in oils over my career, and certainly nothing for decades.


I’m using a combination of fast drying oils and regular oils and it’s a revelation. The paint goes on more smoothly, more opaque when I need it to be opaque, and with the addition of the fast drying, it’s dry in 24 hours or so — but I can take my time working it while I’m at the easel. I don’t have to wait a week or two or longer to put the next layer on as is often the case with traditional oils. I love the way it holds brush strokes, and it doesn’t have that plastic feel when I’m painting.

And speaking of plastic.

It turns out that artist’s oil paints are much more environmentally friendly than acrylics which are, after all, plastic. So if you’ve been following the news, you know that we’re in the midst of a massive global plastic pollution crisis. The oils, which are plant based, are biodegradable and much more energy efficient and far less polluting during manufacture.

So I’m experimenting and getting the hang of my new paints with a couple of larger StoryStarters on canvas. I’ll be posting them as I get them done, but I’m really excited by the possibilities.

Not to mention the fun I’m having with them.

Did I mention I’m in love? Oh yeah — I guess I did.


If you’d like to support my work and truly help keep me painting, it would mean the world to me: patreon.com/SpyderWebb



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