They Ripen By The Light Of The Moon


So there they were, all gathered together —  waiting, one by one, for the moonlight to shine down on them.

And although Moon loved them all equally, she loved every single one — well, one at a time. They were all the same in a way, they all grew on the same bush, but each one was different in its own way.

And then there it was — even though a soft light shone on them all, there was also a special bright ray that gently touched each heart in its own special way.

But the hearts (being young hearts and not fully ripe yet) sometimes didn’t like it when Moon shone down so strong on one of the other hearts. Oh yes, and there was one special heart who thought he was more special than the others…

PS: I was thinking of those families where there are more than one child or maybe even a classroom situation — anywhere that young ‘uns may be (in their minds, at least) competing for attention.

An original signed 8″x10″ acrylic painted with love on 140 lb watercolor paper with a Certificate of Authenticity and printed StoryStarter for you and your special young ‘un (or maybe just you!). Introductory price: $24.99 (shipping included US only). Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.

If you’d like to support my work and truly help keep me painting, it would mean the world to me:


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