I Never Wanted To Be An Artist

Boy drawing

Fact is, I never knew what I wanted to be.

When I was in elementary school, I’d answer with something that I thought sounded acceptable to grownups. I think my favorite answer was an aeronautical engineer. Very impressive!

Of course I had no clue what that entailed, but I had to have some kind of answer and I liked to draw airplanes.

Secretly, the idea of a mad scientist sounded very appealing to me. But being an artist never crossed my mind as a career path as far as I can remember.

I do remember in 4th grade when we moved back to the US, there was some kind of art project where we were free to make anything with colored chalk. Of course my creation got put up on the wall with everybody else’s, but I remember my teacher didn’t know what to make of it, and her reaction really crushed me. Not because she was mean, because she wasn’t but I could see she was just being polite.

I felt so shut down. Clearly I wasn’t up to snuff in the art side of things…

So although I loved art and admired the artists I met, it never occurred to me that this was a path I could follow. Still, I kept drawing. And drawing.

All the while I still had no idea of what I was going to “be.” I thought kids (and certainly teens) were supposed to know that.

So after I dropped out of college and failed rather spectacularly at being a big time rock musician, I met a neighbor who was an artist. He saw some of the things I was drawing out of depression and frustration with my lost (and mostly imagined) music career. He encouraged me, gave me some lessons, and I became obsessed.

I finally got the idea that maybe I could actually pursue art as a career.

And although music has come along for me in a very surprising way, my wife being an incredibly talented songwriter (we’ve now recorded 15 CD’s together) art became my career.

A career I never thought was available to me. (Come to think of it, an artist is kind of like being a mad scientist…)

Isn’t it funny how life can take you in the most unexpected (and sometimes wonderful) places?


If you’d like to support my work and truly partner with me to keep me painting, it would mean the world to me:




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