The Curious Case of Phib O’Nochi


StoryStarters 21

The Curious Tale of Phib O’Nochi*

*For math fans: Look up “Fibonacci Sequence”

Young Phib loved to play with numbers. Now, keep in mind this was a long, long time ago before there were numbers.

Well actually there were numbers, and of course people could count, but the numbers they used were very hard to work with.

So Phib, being the curious (and brave!) fellow that he was, went traveling as soon as he grew up. And let me tell you, traveling wasn’t easy way back when ago in those old days before cars and airplanes and such.

But Phib travelled to many far off and exotic lands, and learned many things. Finally one day he came back home from his wanderings, and wrote a book about what he had learned.

And the people were gobsmacked. Astounded. Astonished. And absolutely delighted, because what Phib taught them (mostly things about numbers and how to write them) made everything work so much better.

But he also wrote down a secret that hardly anyone paid attention to for a long, long time…

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