The Sun Is On Fire


StoryStarterz 25

Long ago, before the earth came to be, before there were people, before dinosaurs, even before there were any oceans there was our Sun.

But Sun wasn’t always the hot bright star we see now. Somehow, some way, Sun burst into heat so hot we can feel it all the way away here on Earth and light so bright it hurts to even look at Sun straight on.

Now some say Sun set itself on fire, others say some Force or some Thing even greater than Sun set it on fire, and some say it’s not really on fire at all, that it just looks that way to us.

But let me tell you the real story, the story of the great and beautiful SunStarter, the angel who travels the Universe and time itself to set stars blazing with heat and light, and yes, with Love too…


Oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″ Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, and printed StoryStarter. Introductory pricing good through  2019. Prices double January 1, 2020:


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