The House Where Love Grows


It looks like an ordinary little house, nothing special, but it is something special.

Well, first thing you notice are the Hearts of Love growing in the yard. And really, they’re what make everything else possible.

Because there’s so much love, the Clouds of Lightness naturally want to be there.

And there’s the Pool of Possibilities, because with love almost anything really is possible.

And then the Trees of Tomorrow, because with love tomorrow is always bright.

Ah, but you see the Dandelions of Discord? You can’t get rid of them, but they don’t stand a chance against all that love.

Not that they don’t try, like once long ago…

Acrylic and India Ink on 140 lb watercolor paper, 8″ x 10″

Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, and printed StoryStarter. Introductory pricing good through 2019.

NOTE: Prices double January 1, 2020:


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