The Brick Road

The Brick Road Acrylic 8”x8” on reclaimed wood.

If you live (or have visited) one of those picturesque places where they still have brick roads, you know how pretty they are. And how bumpy they are compared to a modern asphalt or concrete paved highway.

But brick and cobblestone roads are infinitely better than the dirt — and often, mud — roads that preceded them.

Things don’t have to be perfect. They just need to be a bit better. And then a bit better again. Which is how we got from taming fire aeons ago to 5G networks. Roads — brick, mud or footpaths, lead into the future.

Or maybe there’s no deeper meaning here, and it’s just a pretty country lane.

This artwork is available for $128.00, ready to hang with attached paracord and sides attractively painted black. No framing required or desired. Perfect for small or intimate spaces!


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