Acrylic on panel, 6″x6″

Moonshine is more subtle than sunshine, gentler, romantic and whisper quiet. And just look how it caresses the trees. Lucky trees.

I’ve actually been painting, but haven’t posted in a while because three of the last paintings taught me that they didn’t work with this pointillist technique.

As I experiment more with the dotting style, I’m learning more not just about the technique itself, but also what kind of drawing and imagery works best with it.

Most of my career as an artist has been as a cartoonist or humorous illustrator, so I am very comfortable with a cartoony style. But I don’t want a childish look for these, which the last three were. For instance, Keith Haring’s work was definitely on the cartoony side, but not childish.

I think what I’m really trying to achieve is a blend of a cartoony happy vibe with a bit of a mysterious (and ultimately unknowable) metaphysical undercurrent, or subtext.

This small artwork is available for just $96.00, ready to hang with attached paracord and sides attractively painted black. Or you can frame it if you prefer. Perfect for small or intimate spaces!

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