Acrylic on panel, 6″x6″


Acrylic on panel, 6”x6”

This reminds me of my earliest years in Honduras. We didn’t live in the jungle of course, but the whole environment was just — well, lush. 

Refining the Technique

I did a bit of this in the last piece, “Moonshine” but it’s much clearer here. That is smaller dots within the larger dots. Also tiny dots between the larger ones. I really like the extra texture this can add. Also, it looks kind of like living cells, which is part of what I’m trying to show in these paintings. That is, that everything that exists is made up of not cells exactly, but little packets of energy. 

These energy bits may not fit the technical definition of life, but they sure do seem to have a life of some kind. Mind you, my own take is that everything has some sort of life and some sort of consciousness, albeit very very different from anything we might recognize from our own frame of reference.

I also did something completely different, in that up until this piece, I’ve been using background colors that are a darker version of the main color of the dots in that particular area. Then I paint a heavy black outline around each area of color before painting the dots. 

For this painting, I painted the entire surface black, and drew the composition directly on the black background, so no heavy black outlines as I’ve been using. I’m not sure if I want to keep doing this, but I think it worked in this piece.

This small artwork is available for just $96.00, ready to hang with attached paracord and sides attractively painted black. Or you can frame it if you prefer. Perfect for small or intimate spaces!

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