Love Light

Acrylic on reclaimed wood, 6.5″x10.5″

I thought it looked like the flame was being fed from the fuel reservoir in the heart. It was a little harder to come up with a title for this one than most. I think it works though.

This piece of reclaimed wood shows its scars a little more than most. There are some vertical gouges in the cloud shape at the top, towards the middle. They’re hard to see on the computer image, more noticeable on the original, but still subtle. 

We all carry our scars, but that doesn’t stop the love light shining from our hearts, does it? Well, ideally anyway.

By the way, the imperfections in the slab of wood don’t affect the integrity of the paint layers or the archival stability of the piece in any way. Kind of the same for us, if you know what I mean.

This artwork is available for just $136.00. The sides are attractively painted black and you can hang it immediately with the attached paracord. 

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