To Be Human

Acrylic on MDF panel, 6’x6′

To Be Human

Acrylic on MDF Panel, 6”x6”


There’s a little good in the worst of us, a little bad in the best of us. Or substitute whatever opposite traits you want. 

There’s so much depth to the Yin/Yang metaphor, I’m still exploring it. People, things, situations, relationships, are seldom if ever all one thing or another. The Yin/Yang metaphor simplifies things to get the important point across, but in reality there is a multitude of Yin/Yang dynamic that would be a very busy painting indeed if I were to try to depict even a small bit of it. 

An incredibly interconnected multidimensional network of Yin/Yang. The web that forms the Universe is complex beyond understanding, but we can understand that it is. And that’s gotta be helpful.

We exist within nature, symbolized by the green vegetation and clouds, and within a sparkling Universe of spirit/energy. 

The blue at the center of the neck is the core of spirit/energy that forms our center, that keeps us balanced, that keeps us connected to what matters. 

The sides are attractively painted black and you can hang it immediately with the attached paracord. 

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