Pharaoh On The Hill

9″x12″ Acrylic on canvas board $168 & free shipping

The third in the series of song title inspired paintings, and the second with a Beatles inspired title.

It almost looks kind of musical, doesn’t it?

Of course, I don’t mean to imply that the fool on the hill and any pharaoh might have anything in common, but I guess there might have been a pharaoh or two who fit that description. Law of averages among humans, I suppose.

Any thoughts on further Beatles inspired titles that could be adapted to this series?

Magical Pharaoh Tour (or Pharaoh Mystery Tour perhaps)? Pharaoh Lane? Here Comes the Pharaoh? While My Pharaoh Gently Weeps? Strawberry Pharaohs Forever? Pharaoh’s Lonely Hearts Club Band? Norwegian Pharaoh?

Well, you get the idea. Doesn’t have to be Beatles (the next painting isn’t) but if something strikes your fancy, let me know in the comments.


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