Purple Cloud

11.5″x11.25″ (approximately) Acrylic on reclaimed wood. $288.00

This work is painted on reclaimed wood, so the dimensions are approximate. Also, the sides might not be perfectly straight, but they’re close. I’ve left the edges of this painting unpainted, letting the raw wood show just to keep in the spirit of recycling. I’ve also attached a black paracord and wall bumpers to the back for easy hanging, though of course you’re welcome to have it framed if that’s your preference.

For those of you curious about why I paint this way:

My mother appeared to me outside a window of my house about a dozen years after she passed away. She was standing in gently rolling fields of living, aware flowers of the most unearthly beauty — colors that don’t exist on earth. Many years before that, my experiences with entheogenic substances caused me to perceive the world in a new way. 

And what that has to do with the way I paint is everything.

I can’t reproduce the colors or textures from those experiences, but these Sparks of Joy are as close as I can come. And yes, it’s a very joyful experience when you see the world like this. I don’t mean literally as in “seeing things” but knowing that this is the reality of the way the world is made, that behind and beyond the mundane outward appearances there is a magical substrate: well, the joy that brings me is something I want to share with anyone who chooses to bring my art into their lives.

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