On The Other Side Of The Fire

Acrylic on canvas board 11×14″

Sometimes it’s true that the promised land, or at least some pretty good things lie on the other side of the fire. By which I mean something difficult or unpleasant that we go through. It’s happened to us many times.

One of the more memorable ones was how we arrived at a home that is just wonderful for us. Three years ago we were evicted from our rental of 17 years. We felt betrayed, we were hurt and angry. We scrambled to find another place, and moved. That didn’t work out well, and after six months we broke the lease and forfeited our security deposit.

But we found the home we’re in now, we were able to afford buying it, and it’s the nicest place we’ve lived in for over 25 years. There’s studio space for both of us, central air, and on and on. It sure seemed like we were going through the fire with all the emotional turmoil, having to move twice in six months, moving to a different state, with all the red tape that entailed.

But if we hadn’t been evicted and decided to look for a new place after our first forced move the home we’re in now wouldn’t have been up for sale at a price we could afford at exactly the time we needed it.

Now this isn’t pollyanna, I know sometimes the fire destroys. But so often it’s just clearing out the old to make way for something better than we thought possible.

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