Gen. Sykes 2.0

10×10″ Oil on 140lb. watercolor paper

So this is another version of Gen. George Sykes, this time with a gold halo instead of a blue disc behind him. It’s also a bit larger than the last one. 

Sometimes I just want to try something a little different so I’ll do another version. I have two of Harriet Tubman I’m working on now. I’m not sure if the first one will see the light of day outside of my studio, it’s on the drying rack until it’s ready to proceed. The second one is nearly done and I’m really happy with it.

Continuing on with my American Hero series, several more are in the works.

All my work, past present and future can be had on a Pay What You Will basis. You decide what it’s worth to you and then we just make it happen!

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