Watchers (The Walk of Life)

16×20″ Acrylic on canvas panel

“The Walk of Life” isn’t a formal part of the title, it’s what happens when I can’t decide between two titles. I like that “Watchers” is a little more open ended, and I feel like maybe “The Walk of Life” is a little too specific, limiting the viewer’s imagination a bit too much.

Anyway, I hope that it gives you food for thought as it does me. This series has been really interesting in that the paintings help me understand what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s like I have a vague idea of what I’m thinking, but seeing it laid out in paint frees the thoughts from the literalness and the constraint of words.

You can own this painting for what it’s worth to you! (Also known as Pay What You Want.)

Did you know? You don’t have to be a Medici or Borgia to be a patron of the arts. As little as a dollar a month is all it takes to join me on Patreon ( and help keep me in supplies and more!


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