Right This Way


StoryStarters 12

“So it’s about time you paid attention to me,” said the angel.

“What are you talking about? I’ve never seen you before — who are you anyway?”

“The only reason you haven’t seen me is because you haven’t been paying proper attention. I’m always with you. Now step right this way please.”

“Wait up — I still don’t know who you are, and how do I know if I can trust you.”

“Boy, you sure can be dense when you want to be. I’m your personal angel, now hurry up and step this way, we haven’t much time.”

“Time for what? What’s going on here?”

“Oh, boy. Come on, I’ll explain on the way…”

An original signed 8″x10″ acrylic painting on watercolor paper with a Certificate of Authenticity and printed StoryStarter for you and your special young ‘un. Introductory price: $24.99 with free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.






StoryStarters 11

“Hey, wait a second” he thought, “nothing’s making sense here. Things just look… off…  Nice, but not quite right.”

And he was right. But actually, things were very pretty here. And he felt oddly calm and safe. He was definitely not expecting that.

Not to mention there was something about that setting sun that felt really good. “Oh,” he thought “I get it — maybe this is a land where things don’t make sense in your brain, but they make sense in your heart.”

And once again he was right, because the place he found himself in was called Heartland. He wasn’t really sure how he got there, but he wasn’t scared.

“I wonder what’s on the other side of that lake,” he thought as he started walking…


8”x10” Acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper. $24.99, free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.

The Love Boat


8”x10” Acrylic on stretched canvas. $49.99, free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity. Sawtooth hanger, edges painted black so you can hang it up as is, but honestly, it’ll look really good in a frame.

This is the first StoryStarter on canvas rather than watercolor paper.

As I was writing this, I was thinking of all the kids who are sailing along all safe and cozy and then Mom and Dad break up, leaving Mom to captain their ship. I know it doesn’t always happen this way, but I couldn’t get it out of my head, and the analogy might help a family struggling with a breakup.

And of course, the story can go in a thousand different directions besides that one. Anyway, here’s…

The Love Boat

Well they were just out sailing along happily (like they always did).

But suddenly things weren’t looking so good.

Where did all these gigantic waves and sudden nightfall come from? Where did the bright sun and the gentle warm breezes go?

Everybody on the Love Boat was starting to get more than a little nervous. This had never happened before.

On the other hand, the captain didn’t seem the least bit bothered about it. In fact, she was as calm as a cucumber. (Cucumbers are normally very calm.)

And so… very calmly… the captain took firm hold of the ship’s wheel and…

Three Amigas and One Amigo


StoryStarters 7:

Well of course they were friends, everybody could see that they grew up together.

But they were even more than best friends forever, they were a grove.

And not just any grove. They were a grove of LightBringers. Whenever darkness threatened the land, they would call out to the Light with their hearts.

And because their roots were intertwined and their hearts beat as one, whenever they called the Light would come.

But one day a deep, deep darkness came upon the land, darker than anything they had ever known, and they were afraid.

And this time when they called the Light…


8”x10” Acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper. $25, free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.

The Time Between Day and Night


It was Tree’s favorite time.

Now most two leggeds, especially the big ones, couldn’t see them. Or wouldn’t. But Tree could, and she loved them. And they played wonderful, happy games every night.

Well, truth be told, big two leggeds did see them, but they thought they were stars, or leaves or flowers blown on a twilight breeze.

But a little one who watched from a bedroom window saw. And the little one knew these were the magical beings known as sprites and fairies.

And then one evening the little two legged just knew something must be done and so next morning the little one ran out to discuss a plan with Tree…


8”x10” Acrylic and india ink on 140lb watercolor paper. $25, free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.

StoryStarters 5: On The Fence and Loving It


Bird didn’t care why the fence was there.

It didn’t seem to keep anything in or anything out. It wasn’t really much of a fence when you think about it, but it wasn’t falling apart or anything.

Actually, it was a pretty nice little bit of fencing.

So the fence was just sitting there in the middle of… well, nothing in particular. No houses, no yards, no buildings or schools or streets. Just this cute little fence.

And it felt cozy and safe and Bird thought of it as her very own special fence. After all, it’s not every bird that has her own fence.

That’s why when…


8”x10” Acrylic on 140lb watercolor paper. $25, free shipping US only. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.

StoryStarters 4: The Suspicious Tree

The Suspicious Tree

“That’s not a real shadow,” said Moon. “The shape’s all wrong.”

Tree thought about it. And what she thought was, the shadow was just fine. So she decided Moon was just being persnickety.

“So what else is wrong, smarty pants?”

“I don’t know,” answered Moon. “I only know about light and shadow. That’s my thing, you know.

“But we’d better try to figure it out because if the shadow’s not right other things are bound to be off too…”


8”x10” Acrylic and india ink on 140lb watercolor paper. $25, free shipping. Includes printed StoryStarter & Certificate of Authenticity.

Fluttering Hearts

Fluttering Hearts

Hearts swell and beat and break, but they also flutter, did you know? Yes, hearts also flutter — in a most wonderful way, oh, yes they do.

It’s when they are filled with love and joy and fun and lightness that they flutter about the sky like butterflies, borne this way and that by the winds of wonder at the beauty they see everywhere.

Sometimes we don’t see the beauty, but hearts always can find the beauty. And then they float with a lightness that is itself a beautiful thing to behold. They are borne tenderly on the breezes of love, to places that our eyes sometimes just don’t see.

What places you ask? Wonderful places, places like… are you still listening?


8″x10″ Acrylic on 90lb watercolor paper $25 free S&H

The Looking Tree: StoryStarters #1

The Looking Tree

Obviously, not an Everyday Saints portrait. I’m still doing portraits, but I got hit with an inspiration.

I’m calling these StoryStarters. These are 8″x10″ on watercolor paper, sold very inexpensively with a printed beginning of a story included. The idea being that a parent or grandparent reads the beginning of the story and takes it from there.

Improv storytelling.

Of course the kids can read it too and the story could go in a different direction every time. Plus, an inexpensive frame, put it up on the child’s wall, and you’re encouraging imagination, reading, and a love of art.

I’d love to hear any thoughts, feedback etc. I have several done, but I’m only going to post them one at a time. Enough talk. Here’s the first StoryStarter:


Did you know that trees have eyes? Indeed they do. Did you think all those leaves were just for photosynthesis?

No, my friend, those leaves are eyes for looking. Oh, they may not see the same way we do, but see they do. They look. They pay attention. And they know.

They see things we cannot see. What things? Ah, well….

Saint Ryleigh

Saint Ryleigh

I’ve been wanting to try the two different golds for a while, this is the first time it made sense. I used a Rich Gold for the background, and a Bright Gold inside the halo.

Here’s a quote from Sanaya which I think fits my portrait work:

“Sainthood.  Is that not what you joke about when someone acts in a way that approaches perfection, that includes sacrifices, and is so far above the norm of human behavior that it begs recognition?  Do you know such a person?  All of you contain the potential for such behavior, but do not press yourselves or stress yourselves to achieve such distinction.  You are doing fine just the way you are.  Nothing is expected of you.  You are here to try on different clothes, to experience different roles until you find just the right fit.  Should you stumble along the way and find some of your choices result in ill-fitting outcomes, try again.  If you do not achieve sainthood in this lifetime, all is well.  Shine your light.  That is why you are here.  If your light feels a bit dim, choose differently.  It is that simple.”