Saint Crying Fox

Saint Crying Fox 10x10

Acrylic on canvas, 25″x25″

The San Joaquin Kit Fox is an endangered species. Its natural habitat is the southwest United States and Northern Mexico, although it has steadily been losing habitat because of human expansion.

They’ve been listed as endangered since 1967, and in 2007 a special area was set aside for them as a protected habitat. You can think of it as a reservation for kit foxes, and like most other “reservations” it’s a fraction of their original territory, and not really enough for them to thrive and return in significant numbers.

Its numbers are dwindling, both because of human activity and because of predators. Of course the predator activity wouldn’t be such a problem if the habitat hadn’t shrunk so much.

So Saint Crying Fox has good reason to cry.


Saint Ray

Saint Ray

I think most combat veterans will understand the look in his eyes. Ray is a U.S. Navy veteran of the Korean War, and he’s deeply involved in helping veterans in any way he can.
     The light and dark sides of Ray’s face remind us of the extreme nature of war. Experiences range from unimaginable horror and sorrow to unbelievable bravery and a deep bond among those who serve together, a bond that only they can fully understand.
     Let’s remember to separate the politics of war from those who are called to fight it, whatever their country, whatever time in history, those men and women who are tasked with doing what no human being should have to do, with seeing what no human being should have to see.
     Let’s remember these are fallible human beings, as we all are, who had to make split second decisions of life and death and then have had to live with the memories forever.
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