Even the Bird Has Doubts

Acrylic on MDF panel, 6″x5.75″

And why wouldn’t she?

What a weird time for all our fellow earthlings. Spread love? Sure. Refuse to succumb to depression and despair? Sure. Maintain a hopeful, positive attitude? You bet.

Will it make any difference?

…even the bird has doubts.


When The Desert Was Green

Acrylic on wood, 8″x8″

All I’m going to say about this is that the desert, specifically the north African desert, was once a lush tropical zone. As for whatever else bubbled up in this artwork, I’ll leave that to you for your own interpretation.

Which I would love to hear! Just type it into the comments below.

This artwork is available for just $128.00, ready to hang with attached paracord and sides attractively painted black. No framing required or desired. Perfect for small or intimate spaces!

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Mister and Missus

Mr. & Mrs FAA Small

Nice young couple out for a brisk winter stroll, just waiting for enough ice on the pond to thaw so that they can have some fun swimming. Which it did the next day, and they did, dipping and shaking their heads and looking for all the world like they were having the best old time.

Having fun together is one of the many reasons for life, I think. Or just having fun, period. I wonder how far down the chain of life and consciousness you have to go before fun stops to have any meaning.

My suspicion is that the only thing that really changes is the definition of fun. The fun of a goose is different from the fun of a human, or the fun of a microbe, or a plant, or a planet or a galaxy. But the bottom line is it’s all fun, isn’t it?

Oh, lighten up!

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