Earth Mother Rising

Acrylic on canvas panel, 16×20

You know, I let you two-leggeds have your way for a few million years, but you’ve really been taking advantage of my good nature for the last few centuries. And lately you’re all acting like a bunch of spoiled two year olds. 

I don’t much care what you do to one another, but if you’re not going to take care of what I’ve given you, at least you’ve got to learn to clean up after yourselves. 

You don’t want me to lose my temper, trust me.

So. What’s it gonna be, kids?

You can own this painting for what it’s worth to you! (Also known as Pay What You Want.)

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Is It Safe Yet?

16×20″ Acrylic on Canvas Board

We’ve all had to protect ourselves, and we’re wondering if it’s safe to emerge now. Protect ourselves from what? Well, take your pick: prejudice & hate, broken hearts, disease, toxic culture, ecological disaster, war…

I imagine we could all come up with something that’s personal to us, but it really doesn’t look safe at the moment does it? There are some things that we’ll never be completely safe from. And yet we have to function in the world somehow, even if things never get objectively better.

Or do we just retreat into our hardened bunkers and isolate?

Reseeding After An Apocalypse

Acrylic on canvas panel, 16×20″

Not necessarily THE Apocalypse (however you might understand that), but any apocalypse. The meteor that killed the dinosaurs and most of the other life on our planet, for instance. 

The point is that given enough time, life always comes back. It comes back different, but it comes back. And our dear Grandfather Sun is behind it all, endlessly, patiently, pouring energy into our little corner of space.

Sometimes you have to look at a long time scale to see the hope. A very long time scale. Actually, a ridiculously long time scale.