Searching For The Key

Acrylic on canvas panel, 16×20″

Sometimes the key comes in a form you’re not expecting. It may not look like your idea of what a key is supposed to look like. 

The shaft of light illuminating the single flower was a last-minute addition. Which happens to me all the time. I’ve come to trust those inspirations that come after the painting is well under way.

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Questions of the Heart

16×20” Acrylic on canvas panel

A thorny heart. And although it kind of looks like juggling, you don’t juggle just one thing, do you? More like a hot potato maybe.

It’s funny how paintings evolve. The woman on the other side of the wall (and the wall itself) were not part of the original sketch. Neither was the starry sky he’s standing in/on. But that’s the way it’s been working lately, and it seems like a good process.

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