River’s Rising

River’s Rising Acrylic on MDF Panel, 6”x6” $96.00

Combining the Yin/Yang with a reflection on the times we’re in. Maybe it’s not a bad way to put things together. If we can see a little of this in that, them in us, us in them, maybe we can handle the inexorably rising — and apparently turbulent — river that’s surrounding us.

But that tree looks pretty healthy and strong, doesn’t it?

Think it’ll survive the flood? 

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about the economy we’re in, how things are working with so much shut down. Art galleries, for instance. How can an art gallery function normally with social distancing? 

Art lovers have to have the freedom to browse at their leisure, not feel like they have to get in and out quickly. And then there’s the personal shopping and meeting & greeting and excitement at a show opening. Sure, you can see the art online and I guess you could get curbside delivery, but you don’t get the full experience of the artwork itself. 

When I was a young artist living in the Washington DC area, I pored over art books incessantly to soak up everything I could from the masters, both old and new. But going to the many National Galleries was a completely different experience, seeing the actual physical objects and being in their presence was a whole ‘nother level of power. Same thing with regular commercial galleries. 

The physical artwork has a presence, a power that just doesn’t come across on a screen. The handmade object has a level of authority and impact and spirit presence that the flat image cannot convey.

But back to the economies of making a living, or even just covering one’s expenses for materials — that’s one of the reasons platforms like Patreon are so  important to artists of all kinds now.

River’s rising. 

The sides of this artwork are attractively painted black and you can hang it immediately with the attached paracord. Or, you can always frame it — your choice, of course!


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