Fall Reflections

Acrylic on canvas, 11″x14″ $200

I can’t help seeing lollipops when I look at this. Well, fall foliage is eye candy anyway, so I guess that makes sense. Either that, or it’s just my serious sweet tooth kicking up its heels again. (Do teeth have heels? I didn’t think so…)

Anyway, we’re expecting our first shovelable (is that a word?) snow tomorrow, so even though I’m sure it will be pretty as always, it won’t be as colorful as this. I wonder if a snow scene in this style would work? Hmmm….



Acrylic on MDF panel, 6″x6″ $96.00

Thinking of all those affected by the wildfires in western North America. 

This didn’t start out as anything like this. It was just a little 1″ square doodle, but as I brought it up to size I just kept seeing it this way. I guess putting this in my “Sparks of Joy” collection is a little ironic. But so often great disasters have a beauty within the horror. Not to glamorize them, but it’s just a fact that things like fires and explosions can be pretty spectacular visual events.

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The sides of this artwork are attractively painted black and you can hang it immediately with the attached paracord. Or, you can always frame it — your choice, of course!


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Gilded Leaf In A Green Cage

Acrylic on canvas, 8″x10″

Sometimes I wonder if our well meaning Green movement has become a mental box that we put nature in so that we can think we’re actually doing something good. But in fact we’re just worshipping the idea of nature as long as it’s not too much of a hassle to actually do anything to make things better?

Do you ever wonder the same thing? Especially for us artists with our choices of supplies & mediums…

This small artwork is available for just $144.00, perfect for small or intimate spaces!

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If you’d like to consider supporting my work on a monthly basis, and keep me painting:  patreon.com/spyderwebb