The Pharaoh Sleeps Tonight

The Pharaoh Sleeps Tonight Acrylic on canvas board, 9″x12″

“…in the jungle, the mighty jungle”

My wife said it should be “in the desert” if it’s a pharaoh — but I pointed out that it’s a jungle in the painting. Then she said well then it’s a Central American pyramid. But it’s definitely an Egyptian pyramid. Not at all like the Central American ones. 

Of course the desert was once lush and tropical, so either I’m conflating two different times or this is revisionist archaeology.

Or something…

It’s just a painting. Give me a break.

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Island of Eternal Summer

Acrylic on Canvas, 18″x24″

$336.00 + free shipping, CONUS only

The seasons have begun to turn all around, but on the island it’s eternal summer.

That island lives somewhere in my head, but I sometimes lose my way and need to find it all over again. The trick of course, is to not focus on the seasons turning all around. The colder harsher seasons may seem real — but as long as the island exists, are they really?

Fall Reflections

Acrylic on canvas, 11″x14″ $200

I can’t help seeing lollipops when I look at this. Well, fall foliage is eye candy anyway, so I guess that makes sense. Either that, or it’s just my serious sweet tooth kicking up its heels again. (Do teeth have heels? I didn’t think so…)

Anyway, we’re expecting our first shovelable (is that a word?) snow tomorrow, so even though I’m sure it will be pretty as always, it won’t be as colorful as this. I wonder if a snow scene in this style would work? Hmmm….

Autumn at the Pond

11″x14″ Acrylic on canvas $200.00

I wanted to do something larger than 6″ square. It took me a while to finish this one, and not just because of the amount of time it takes to paint that many dots. There’s more thinking and pondering time involved.

When I’m looking at a smaller piece, it’s easier to grasp the entire thing at once. So I know what’s working and what may or may not be needed pretty quickly. Also, because of the small size, there’s only so much I can fit in, given the limit of detail I can get with dots. Unless I use microscopic nanodots (new word!) which isn’t all that appealing to me.

Anyway, I really like the way this one came out. Now I’m thinking I like it so much I’d like to try something even larger. Maybe this is a solution to my ADHD quickly bored, oh look another shiny object over there! Meaning changing up between larger and smaller pieces, each with unique kinds of challenges. Work on big or small pieces until I’m bored, then switch.

When I was a little boy, we moved a lot since my father was in the Foreign Service. So most of my toys went into the shipping crates, and when everything was unpacked months or weeks later, the old toys were new again! 

So like that.

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Sparkling River

Acrylic on MDF Panel, 6″x6″ $96.00

Just a little break from all the heavy stuff.  Sometimes you just have to sit back on the porch, put your feet up, and tuck into some apple pie as you enjoy the view.

Apple pie? Mmmmmmmm…

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