Acrylic on stretched canvas, 24×20″

This one’s a commission. The client didn’t have a specific brief, but liked some of the paintings I’ve done with reflections. Also really likes lighthouses, bright floral scenes, sunflowers, and hearts.

By the way, you can actually get seeds for sunflowers with a heart shaped center!

Also, the favorite colors are yellow, purple, gray and turquoise. Oh, and blue skies!

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The Light That Shines Both Ways

Acrylic on canvas panel, 9″x12″

Both ways: into the future but also into the past. The light of love and forgiveness. Or at least of letting go and moving on. Most importantly, the light of love and forgiveness for one’s self.

Or maybe I’m making too much of it and it’s just a picturesque view by sea?

This small artwork is available for just $168.00, perfect for small or intimate spaces!

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