Saint Medic

St. Medic 1Small

Saint Medic Acrylic on canvas, 18″ x 24″

Express your thanks to all the medical workers who are putting their lives and well being on the line every day for us. 100% of my profits from the sales of this merchandise will be donated to Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund. They will get the money to where it’s most needed at any moment as this situation changes rapidly.

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Saint Grizz (Grizzly Bear)

Saint Grizz 10x10

Acrylic on canvas, 25″ x 25″

Lost in thought.

Do bears get lost in thought? I imagine they probably do, this one certainly seems to be. This painting is based on a reference photo taken by Jessica Weiller, which I found on

I was struck by the gentleness and intelligence in its eyes. I have no idea whether it’s a male or female, but I wonder if it’s a mama bear? Sure looks like a sweet maternal look to me, but then we know how fierce mama bears can be protecting their babies. 

St. Mountie

Saint Mountie

(No, not the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!)

25″ x 25″ Acrylic on canvas

The metallic background on these wild animal saints reminds us that they now exist in our two-legged world, that whatever wild is left is because we have chosen to leave it wild. The baby names (such as St. Bunny & St. Mountie are chosen to call attention to the cutification (or Disneyfication) of nature and the wild in particular.
We forget that wild nature is a violent ruthless realm in addition to being a realm of surpassing beauty, sometimes deep gentleness as well as spiritual connection. But in distancing ourselves from the reality of the untamed world we cut ourselves off from the true nature of the planet we live on, as well as our own true nature.
So these paintings are not meant to lift animals up to some exalted level, but to remember that their lives and their very natures, whether ruthless carnivores or gentle plant eaters are to be treated with the utmost respect and reverence. And in so doing we will find a truer way to exist in the world for ourselves.

Saint Greg

Saint Greg 8x10

Greg’s another powwow friend who was kind enough to let himself be canonized at my easel. It’s the first oil painting of a saint I’ve done, and I’m really happy with it. After 50+ years of painting with acrylics, I’m still trying to figure out oils.

This one took me forever mostly because I lost interest in these kinds of paintings. When the gallery that I was going to have a one man show in went out of business the first of last year, it really knocked the wind out of my sails. It shouldn’t have thrown me so badly, but it did. Coupled with my ADHD and ongoing long term struggles with depression, it made finishing this one much harder than just getting used to oil paints.

However, I’ve found some natural supplements that have worked wonders for the mental gremlins, and after working on StoryStarterz for several months, I’m ready to change things out again. Maybe. That’s the old ADHD — get bored, move on, circle back later.

OK, so I don’t have that consistency that a lot of artists strive for (and achieve!), and I know it’s a business liability, but that’s the reality of it, and my fans will like it all, or just this part or that, and I’m finally OK with that, because… well, what’s the point of beating your head against a brick wall of reality? As Popeye said, “I yam what I yam.”

Shy In The Sky


Shy, or humble? Hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Fact is, she was a powerful being among the stars. And the job she had been assigned was terribly important.

It was her duty to keep the peace and make sure that things in the Cosmos stayed in balance. You know, not too much of this, just enough of that.

She was programmed to not get rid of the planet with the Ring of Confusion, and she wasn’t supposed to let the Sun of Hope take over everything either. Well, it wasn’t easy.

It was actually kind of confusing, because Shy in the Sky didn’t really like the Ring of Confusion, and would rather it went away. But she did her job quietly, efficiently, and with as much love as she could muster…


I create illustrated StoryStarterz for children and their creative (and sometimes too busy!) grown-ups:

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The House Where Love Grows


It looks like an ordinary little house, nothing special, but it is something special.

Well, first thing you notice are the Hearts of Love growing in the yard. And really, they’re what make everything else possible.

Because there’s so much love, the Clouds of Lightness naturally want to be there.

And there’s the Pool of Possibilities, because with love almost anything really is possible.

And then the Trees of Tomorrow, because with love tomorrow is always bright.

Ah, but you see the Dandelions of Discord? You can’t get rid of them, but they don’t stand a chance against all that love.

Not that they don’t try, like once long ago…

Acrylic and India Ink on 140 lb watercolor paper, 8″ x 10″

Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, and printed StoryStarter. Introductory pricing good through 2019.

NOTE: Prices double January 1, 2020:

The Sun Is On Fire


StoryStarterz 25

Long ago, before the earth came to be, before there were people, before dinosaurs, even before there were any oceans there was our Sun.

But Sun wasn’t always the hot bright star we see now. Somehow, some way, Sun burst into heat so hot we can feel it all the way away here on Earth and light so bright it hurts to even look at Sun straight on.

Now some say Sun set itself on fire, others say some Force or some Thing even greater than Sun set it on fire, and some say it’s not really on fire at all, that it just looks that way to us.

But let me tell you the real story, the story of the great and beautiful SunStarter, the angel who travels the Universe and time itself to set stars blazing with heat and light, and yes, with Love too…


Oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″ Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity, and printed StoryStarter. Introductory pricing good through  2019. Prices double January 1, 2020:

Earth Angels


There are all kinds of angels. Little ones, huge ones, and angels we can’t even figure out what the heck they are.

And of course there are Earth Angels. They share the planet with us same as everything else, like the oceans and animals and plants.

They love and laugh with us, are sad with us and love beauty with us. And they’ve been around forever, so they’ve seen a lot!

Now most of all, they love our home and theirs, our Earth. But they’ve noticed lately that their two legged fellow earthlings are making a big mess of things for everybody.

“Maybe,” said one little angel, “we could get them to like tidying up…”

“Alright,” said another, “let’s think of how we can get them to do that. Who goes first?”

Oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″ Sold with a Certificate of Authenticity and printed StoryStarter. Introductory pricing on all StoryStarterz good through 12/31/19. Prices double 1/1/20.

High Noon At Love Flats


Shadow overslept. Again.

And then suddenly the sun burst out, and oh boy, there was Heart Apple in the middle of Love Flats without her Shadow!

Maybe nobody noticed, thought Shadow. Maybe she managed to scoot in under Heart Apple without anyone noticing.

But Heart Apple noticed. “It’s OK Shadow, but if you’re not there, it’s like I don’t exist. And without me, you don’t exist.”

Shadow tried to take this in.

What if nothing was separate, what if everything was just one big thing that looked like a bunch of different things?

So Shadow decided to ask Desert about this, because Desert had wide knowledge…


Oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″

I create illustrated StoryStarterz for children and their creative (and sometimes too busy!) grown-ups:

The Worry Trees


StoryStarterz 22

“The one in the middle doesn’t look so worried.”

“Well, no — it’s turned that job over to the other trees.”

“The other trees look really, really nervous, they’re looking around all over the place.”

“Sure. When someone’s worried they’re always nervous, looking to make sure what they’re worried about doesn’t happen.”

“So what are they worried about?”

“Oh, well life for a tree isn’t always so easy, you know. Especially in the land of the dancing flowers…”


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