Saint Richard

saint richardWhat do you have to do to be a “Saint?”

What if you don’t have a spiritual bone in your body (or so you think)?

What if all you do is work, try to make a living, and have some fun along the way?

Or what if you’re just a selfish no-good bum who doesn’t care about anyone else and causes harm to others?

(Not suggesting that Richard is any of these things!)

You’re still part of the great thing called Life. Your life itself is a sacred thing and worthy of respect. Maybe your behavior isn’t, but your life itself is.

Life demands respect.


PS — If you’d like to join me in bringing some love to this broken world of ours, consider joining me here.


2 thoughts on “Saint Richard

  1. You’re right of course, Val. The idea is that we need to have the same respect for everyone’s life that used to be reserved for “saints.” So The way I’m using it is definitely a stretch, and maybe not the best choice of words, but hopefully it can at least get people to stop and think for a moment. Plus, it gives a context for the halos.

    As far as seeing the good in everyone — I’m really not saying that, although there is a lot more good out there underneath people’s pain than we might think. It’s the life itself that is worthy of respect, which is a separate issue entirely from the good that may — or may not — be there.


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