Saint Bernie

Saint Bernie 8x10

It’s said that the eyes are windows to the soul.

But sometimes it’s wise to block what’s coming in while keeping a sharp awareness of what’s out there. Sometimes it’s wise to protect what we let into our eyes and our soul.

And sometimes it’s good to keep our private sanctuary private, and not let every passer by look in our windows.

But every filter, every wall, every defense works two ways. It keeps out, but it also alters what and how we see.

Just as sunglasses protect the eyes, but alter colors and the full spectrum of our vision.

Or maybe Bernie just has cool shades.

If you support my work, please use, my paid platform where you can actually put bread on the table, paint and canvas in my studio, and help me make new work.

P.S. I love to transform people into saints using their photos — wouldn’t it be fun to commission a portrait of yourself or a loved one in this style… or maybe even a pet… Hmmm — animal saints, why not?


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